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Vodafone freebee reward experiences

This post is a brief summary of my experiences trying to redeem my Vodafone ‘Freebee Rewardz’ points.

I have been unable to redeem any ‘freebee rewardz pointz’, since first trying on 02/10/14. Vodafone have been unable to help me resolve this problem to date. With their PAYG (pay as you go) SIMS, you accumulate ‘poinz’ for topping up. These can then (apparently) been redeemed for vouchers etc. See for details.

My first issue is that I (and many other people from the forum, including my daughter) cannot login to the rewardz site at We get an error when clicking on ‘spend your pointz’. The error is ‘You have entered an incorrect mobile number please try again’. Other people are able to login, but then unable to redeem any of the vouchers which are apparently offered. Using other browsers or clearing cookies/cache etc makes no difference.

After posting in the forum, I submitted a ticket on 02/10/2014 to get them to sort out my rewardz login. This was done using an email form, which you have to get access to by posting in the forum as it is not on the website.

I received some replies saying that they could not resolve the issue with the login to the site. So I then tried numerous times using chat, to get them to redeem the pointz for me manually. I was promised several times on chat, and even via email, that I would either be emailed or texted a code. Nothing was received in the post. Once I received a mysterious SMS, which said: ‘Here are your latest vouchers’ and then 5 characters. There was no explanation, and taking this into a store was met with blank faces, and I was told to ring customer services.

My experience to date has been:
– Stores cannot help with any issues with points
– Chat will say anything to get you off the phone, pretending to have resolved issues when they have not
– The staff on the support forum just tell you to raise an email ticket, and in my experience they cannot help either.
– If you try and call 191, you just get passed around in circles whilst you tell the same story over and over again.

These are just my experiences, and I invite you to share yours below. There is a link with many similar threads hereĀ

I complained to Ombudsman today and will see if that helps. So far almost 3 months and counting.