Betron YSM1000 Earphones Headphones review


I chose these headphones after seeing the good reviews on here, they seemed to be good quality and have the features that I need. However, I am returning these after a couple of days. Whilst they are indeed well built and have excellent sound, and work fine with my Windows Phone, they are simply not confortable to wear for even a short time. I really wanted to like these, they are a good price and I have been looking for a quality set of earphones that does not break the bank, but unfortunately this is not the right set.

I’ll start with the good points:

  • Excellent sound – I could hear parts of music I could not with Senheiser CX300 or CX500.
  • Seem sturdy, thick cable, nice carry case
  • Call button works great with Windows Phone, and Cortana!
  • Includes lots of different types of silicone tips, including memory foam ones
  • Colour coded bands, so you can easily tell which is left and right.
  • 2 year warranty – my Senheiser always seem to last just over 1 year and the one ear dies. So these are good value.


  • Extremely unconfortable. Despite trying nearly all of the tips, they are basically too long and too heavy. This means that they don’t stay in your ear well, and you are always pushing them back in. Not only that, but they have quite sharp edges at the front, so these dig into your ear and hurst after a few minutes.
  • Extremely noisy in the wind. Due to the large design, if it is windy they somehow seem to amplify the wind as if the outside is a microphone – all you can hear is wind, and none of the music you are playing. Forget about making a phone call.
  • Flashy, rather over the top look – shiny gold and black is not for everyone.
  • Due to their length, you could not wear these in bed or lying down.

So overall, good sound and quality, but an ergonomic disaster. Not recommended for this reason. 2 out of 5 overall.


4 thoughts on “Betron YSM1000 Earphones Headphones review”

  1. “Flashy, rather over the top look – shiny gold and black is not for everyone.” then why did you buy them….?
    I can understand buying and them not suiting you because sound or comfort but don’t buy something and complain about the looks. its personal taste and that statement is irreverent

    I prefer the look of a Audi over a BMW, so I will get a Audi, simple.

  2. This review seems to be the result of a problem with the shape if his ears. I bought them for half price in Amazon and the sound is really good if you use the correct sized earbuds, foam ones are very comfortable but the box only includes one size in two different colours, a bit small for me. I never noticed those “sharp” edges he is talking about here. Actually i have to say these are one of the most comfortable earphones i ever had. The sound quality is brilliant and the build up is solid and well made.
    When i read the bad arguments for these earphones i immediately though is nothing to do with reality, even looks written with resentment. As i said before i am sure this review is made from a very subjective point of view due inappropriate physical conditions for earphones in general.
    I am glad some brands are selling this quality for an affordable price.

    My advice if you buy them: Try absolutely all the earbuds included in the box to get the best quality.

  3. Great sound and very comfortable, I have bought more than 10 different pairs of headphones and these are amongst the best – reviewer is talking bollox!

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