Vodafone freebee reward experiences

This post is a brief summary of my experiences trying to redeem my Vodafone ‘Freebee Rewardz’ points.

I have been unable to redeem any ‘freebee rewardz pointz’, since first trying on 02/10/14. Vodafone have been unable to help me resolve this problem to date. With their PAYG (pay as you go) SIMS, you accumulate ‘poinz’ for topping up. These can then (apparently) been redeemed for vouchers etc. See https://rewardz.vodafone.co.uk/#howitworks for details.

My first issue is that I (and many other people from the forum, including my daughter) cannot login to the rewardz site at https://rewardz.vodafone.co.uk/. We get an error when clicking on ‘spend your pointz’. The error is ‘You have entered an incorrect mobile number please try again’. Other people are able to login, but then unable to redeem any of the vouchers which are apparently offered. Using other browsers or clearing cookies/cache etc makes no difference.

After posting in the forum, I submitted a ticket on 02/10/2014 to get them to sort out my rewardz login. This was done using an email form, which you have to get access to by posting in the forum as it is not on the website.

I received some replies saying that they could not resolve the issue with the login to the site. So I then tried numerous times using chat, to get them to redeem the pointz for me manually. I was promised several times on chat, and even via email, that I would either be emailed or texted a code. Nothing was received in the post. Once I received a mysterious SMS, which said: ‘Here are your latest vouchers’ and then 5 characters. There was no explanation, and taking this into a store was met with blank faces, and I was told to ring customer services.

My experience to date has been:
– Stores cannot help with any issues with points
– Chat will say anything to get you off the phone, pretending to have resolved issues when they have not
– The staff on the support forum just tell you to raise an email ticket, and in my experience they cannot help either.
– If you try and call 191, you just get passed around in circles whilst you tell the same story over and over again.

These are just my experiences, and I invite you to share yours below. There is a link with many similar threads here http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Pay-as-you-go-services/To-anyone-unable-to-claim-their-Freebee-Rewardz/m-p/2332016/highlight/false#M56381

I complained to Ombudsman today and will see if that helps. So far almost 3 months and counting.

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  1. Vodaphone freebee rewardz.
    The same has happened to me. I was sent text to say i needed to claim my rewards points before end of May as other wise they would be lost. I spent my points 20th April and chose a John Lewis voucher for £25. It had not arrived after 3 weeks so i phoned vodaphone and they told me i had to take the code i was sent along with a number to a vodaphone outlet. The outlet informed me they had had a few people coming in saying same thing but they could not help and said vodaphone should not be telling people to do this. I was angry as i went to town for no other reason but to get my £25 voucher. When i got home i phoned vodaphone and the girl on the other end of the phone told me to visit john lewis web site and i said (and go where onthe site to get my voucher) she could not help because she didnt know herself!! What poor customer service. Vodaphone needs to sort out what has gone wrong as many loyal customers who save their points expecting to redeem are not getting what vodaphone are advertising. They are selling something that is not fit for purpose and trading standards need to investigate.

  2. The same happened to me I was sent a text to say I needed to claim my rewards points before December I did every right I asked for a Samsung phone for my granddaughter for Christmas they text me a code to take to the Vodafone shop the lady got the phone and asked for my code I then gave her my phone she got the code put it in the computer and then asked me have I not pick it up because it is saying this code has been used or they have give me the wrong code she then tried to contact them after a few goes she got hold of someone who was very rude to her still did not solve it so I went home and I rang them they did not no what to do I asked to speak to some one higher but she said she can’t I would have to go back to the shop and they can do it from there so I did only to get the same the assistant try so hard to get this solved for me at one point all the assistants was trying to get answers but failed they were all so sorry I still did not get my granddaughters phone I promised her and lost the points as well I have been with Vodafone from day one years and years but as for customer service well you may as well not have one at all I am still annoyed and angry that I was promised a freebie reward service I did not get I am a very unhappy customer!!!!

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  3. I’ve had problems as well,I’ve lost out when trying to claim,cos my e mail does not exist,so how did they manage to send me an e mail telling me how many points I’ve got???will be changing to more reliable provider.

  4. Exactly the same problem. I cannot redeem the £25 voucher because the code I was given doesn’t work on John Lewis’ website. I can only presume that we have all been conned by Vodafone, they shouldn’t offer something if they cannot come up with the goods!

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  5. I’m having to call up Vodafone every month to claim my 200 reward points for my £20 top up piss taking by a phone company that use to be really good

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  6. I appear to be one of the lucky ones over Freebee Rewardz as last spring (2015) I was notified that I would lose 2000 of my 2000+ so I applied for a £20 Amazon e-voucher (valid for a year) which indeed I received by email and it actually worked on the Amazon website.
    Please note that 2000 points appears to be the ONLY denomination available for Amazon vouchers.

    HOWEVER, since then I have had problems with a mobIle phone order placed online with Vodafone in October 2015 that was supposed to take 4 days to be collected from my chosen branch. 2 months later the order had still not appeared at the branch and no one at the branch was able to provide any information apart that the order had been accepted and that it was still being processed!

    Contacted Vodafone CHATline when I decided to request for a full refund for non-delivery of goods and after 30mins online being pushed from one dept. to another was eventually put through to Orders Dept who advised that I had to send formal email to their online orders dept. Advised that I needed to send my refund request with details of my order and also a scan of the credit card bill that showed my order being paid to Vodafone in order for my refund to be actioned. I was advised that on receipt of this information Vodafone would contact me to confirm a few things and then provide the refund and that this process should take approx 5 days…..nothing happened.

    I then took up with Mastercard (whose credit card I had used for the order) who after reviewing my case, with proof that I had done everything possible to sort out with Vodafone, authorised a full refund for the failed Vodafone order and are now taking it up with Vodafone.

    Vodafone are not loyal to their customers and do not offer customer service of any kind. Avoid.

    1. I’ve had problems with the amozon code it’s a ridiculously long code won’t work when put in at checkout how does it work Vodafone keep bumping me off

  7. Vodaphone rewards fucking shit can’t get fuck all try try try all bollocks shit web site fucked off keep trying to redeem these points give up

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    1. help me log into my account this is the about 10 times aye have done this now can you just help on this matter now please give phone or text on,07818640424 thankyou vodafone if you can,?

  8. Been tryin 4 days 2 get extra minutes through rewards keep gettin new codes everytime i log in sayin invalid entry then my screen goes blank not happy havin been a customer 4 over 15 years

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