SkyDrive sync on Windows 8

So those of you running Windows 8 might be wondering, how do I sync my files to SkyDrive?

The answer (sort of) is that you download the newly available Windows Essentials 2012 beta, and specifically install the SkyDrive app. This is a desktop app (not Metro), but the difference between this and the built in SkyDrive app is that you can actually sync files. The built in app is just a SkyDrive browser.

What this doesn’t do however is sync existing folders. It basically gives you a SkyDrive location in Windows explorer, so you can see your SkyDrive files, sync them to the local computer, and copy files up to SkyDrive. This is not a replacement for Mesh unfortunately.

1. Download Windows Essentials 2012 from here:

2. Choose the components you want to install when you download. Once installed, run SkyDrive (you will now have 2 when you do a Start-search.


3. Click the Get Started button, obviously. What it does now is sets up a local folder that will sync.


The default location is in your profile. You can change this, but it will still create a SkyDrive folder. So you cannot for instance sync an entire folder. This is a pretty big set back for those used to Mesh. A final screen lets you know that you can retrieve files from the PC if you have forgotten them and your PC is on, so this means other files that are not in SkyDrive, they could be anywhere.

When install is complete, what you then end up with is a SkyDrive location you can dump things into in Explorer. When you click on the folder, you see all of your files on SkyDrive. So this is like an explorer view for all your SkyDrive stuff, the benefit being that you could then create a new folder or just drag and drop stuff in and out of SkyDrive.

What this is lacking is syncing of existing content. You could restructure important documents to move them all to SkyDrive, which I would recommend, but this is still limited. What if you have a bit photo folder you want to backup, or a game which is saving content to specific location and you can’t change that? This could be the gap that SkyDrive Pro fills, part of Office 2013.


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