Using advanced search in the Windows 8.1 mail app

Microsoft overhauled the Mail app in the 8.1 release this year. One of the obvious improvements to the Search feature was that you could now search in both the current folder, as well as All folders:


However, you can also do much more advanced searching, similar to the features found in Outlook, for example to find all messages from someone or with a particular subject. You could use Favorites in the app to see all messages from a favorite contact, or the People list, but you may want to just look for or something. I havent seen this documented anywhere, but what you can do is enter search strings similar to Outlook but in a different format:




Note that this differs to Outlook which uses the format: from:(

I haven’t had time to find more than this, but some of the more advanced Outlook ones don’t seem to be present. But these are the the most important ones that I use, and make using e.g. Windows RT more usable as a daily mail app. You can see the difference with the functionality below, a search with the word Samsung picks up another email for something I was watching on ebay (which had the word somewhere in it), but if I use the subject of Samsung I only get the relevant results. Now if only they would actually fix my fridge…


More refined results:


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