Why I switched from Windows Phone to IOS

So sadly I finally switched from Windows Phone to IOS. I was a long time Windows Phone user too…had WP7 HTC Mozart, Lumia 800, HTC 8x, Lumia 925, not to mention countless Windows Mobile devices. I love Windows Phone, but at the end of the day I wanted 2 things:

  1. A phone that just works
  2. Apps that I need

Windows Phone passed the first requirement fine, unlike Android, but not the second. At first I didn’t mind this as I wanted to be along for the ride, see how the platform developed, get excited when new updates arrived etc, but unfortunately development of the platform has been so slow, most resources seeming to go into redoing the platform from the ground up every couple of years, sometimes loosing features in the process. Feature updates were far an few between, and app adoption has been far too slow. There is still no Sonos app (Phonos is not bad, but not as good). I also have no signal at home, with IOS or Android I can use WiFi calling and SMS over WiFi on my network, but no guess what no app on WP. I can also use iMessage on WiFi. Sure these are just my personal requirements, but everyone will have issues with apps that are on IOS or Android but not WP.

The phone backup solution still sucks as well, since many apps and games do not support backup. I have a huge world in Terraria that will be forever stuck on the phone since there is no way to backup it up to another device. I even got an ipad mini for the train I am embarrassed to say, and guess what my game saves work across devices.

Just to add, I have also tried several Android devices (HTC One, nvidia tablet), and had the dubious pleasure of dealing with a BYOD implementation at work. Having seen users with all manner of devices, the conclusion from that rollout was clear: IOS just works, Android is a total rats nest – users saying ‘I just need to format my device as it is running slow’, Android reporting that it was out of space even though it was not (being used by cache), very old Android versions, crappy builtin browsers that all work differently – just horrible, horrible experiences for users. Windows Phone also was fine, for the one user out of 3500 that had one. If Windows Phone had the apps that IOS has, it would be in the running for the best OS. Unfortunately as it stands, I just can’t recommend it to anyone.

I will of course be hanging on to my Lumia 925 to test out Windows Mobile 10. If Windows bridge for IOS comes off, that is the best bet that we might close the app gap, but I am not holding my breath.

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  1. Am using Lumia 610 but can not downtown any app to it. Can someone help me to reinstall a current software.

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