How to force the Windows Phone 7.8 update

The 7.8 update is upon us, but it is a phased rollout so you might not get it straight away. Luckily there is a trick to get it immediately, assuming it is actually available on your phone. All the Nokia Lumias are getting it. Some folks are having a little trouble with this trick, so this is how I did it.

1) Turn off data on your phone ( 3G and WIFI) – this is important otherwise it checks via the phone.
2) Connect the Phone to the PC via USB cable (it doesn’t matter if the phone is with or without SIM Card)
3) Zune loads up automaticaly or if not just open it
4) Open also the Network Connections  icon and look for your active internet connection on the PC – LAN connection or WIFI connection.
5) In Zune, select Update. It will begin searching the server for an update
6) Count 3 or 4 seconds, hit “Disable” for the LAN or WIFI connection of your PC (or use e.g. the wifi switch on a laptop).
7) You will see the message “An update is available” on both the Zune and phone.
If you get the message “Your phone is up to date”  you weren’t quick enough. If you get an error message with a code that “Zune can’t connect right now try later” it’s because you were to quick. I usually got the desired update message on the 2nd-3rd try
8) Enable your network and Click Ok to update the phone.

Note that there are 3 updates, the final one is 7.8 (why I do not know as they are supposed to be cumulative). So you may have to do this 3 times in a row, but you will get them and also won’t have to wipe the phone – this just upgrades it and keeps all your stuff.

And here she is on my Lumia 800:


Update: After doing this, 2 weeks later I received a further update notification for my Lumia 800. This updated only the firmware, so I can only assume that if you force the update, you may not get included firmware udpates until if and when the OEM releases the udpate officially for your device.

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  1. Try hard, guys, it works… I’ve been trying this for nearly an hour & more! But right now my HTC Mozart, bought free is receiving the first of the updates. I’in Bulgaria

    1. Yes it does work, I updated my Lumia 800. I found it only took me a few goes for each update. If you have trouble, let it check for updates the first time and note how long it takes to tell you that there is no update. Then do it again disconnect a second or two before…

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  2. It works for Lumia 610 Telcel (latin american carrier). Do as Bob says, let Zune “know” that there is an update for the phone, and disconnect it before it realises that it is not “supposed” to be downloaded for your carrier/mobile.

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  3. no update for T-Mobile HD7 even after force update more then 20-30 times tried all the possiable ways not working.. bad to see we have left out..
    from INDIA

    1. 17 seconds works like a charm !
      However, if it does not work, do not be disheartened as the trick is to monitor by a stop watch the moment you click on the “Update” link & check when does it say that the update is not available. Cross check it with your stopwatch & that would be the amount of time we will have to wait just minus a second from it that is all ! 🙂

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  4. Halleluuia! Finally got the update for my Lumia 900. I had to count to 7 before disconnecting the wi-fi. Allar from Estonia.

  5. Wooaaahh…!!!
    Got WP7.8 on My Samsung Focus (1st Gen) in India.
    Trick works like a charm..the disconnect timing depends on your network bandwidth I guess.(i.e; how fast your zune can check the servers for update)
    It was 7-8s for me.

  6. Successfully updated a Lumia 800 on the EE network in the UK using this method. A tip I learned from another website: open Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del), go to the Networking tab and monitor the Network Utilization as you are about to pull the plug (make sure that no other applications are using the network). When my utilization passed 0.20%, I disconnected and it worked every time.

    I just can’t believe that we have to resort to these methods. I might have waited for the scheduled roll-out if only my network provider (EE / T-mobile) had informed me of the date. As it were, I did not know whether it would arrive tomorrow or in 4 months time. Not good. Makes you wonder whether the grass is greener on the other side (i.e. at Blackberry or Apple).

    1. This really works and is safer than other methods i’ve seen on the internet.

      When i got my phone the first thing i wanted was to update my Lumia 800 (the normal and official Zune way) but the program reported that there was no updates available. This was at most 2 months ago. I decided not to use the phone. But this week i decided to search the internet for alternative methods of getting the update, and then i found this and tried it before anything else(so i cant tell if Microsoft turned the updates available again or not)!

      And when i was trying this i noticed that the time required to disconnect may vary (because even after disconnecting 2 minutes later it showed the “Zune can’t connect right now try later” message) depending on your bandwidth. So, the little thing i adapted from “anielsen on February 16, 2013 at 9:47 pm” trick is to watch and wait the network utilization percentage on Windows Task Manager drop below 0.20% (and again, in my case Lol), because this seems to be the right time do disconnect or disable your adapter. Let it drop and if it changes at least 3 times and still maintains below 0.20% then disable the adapter. After that, zune reported “Update Available” and then i just reconnected and followed through.

      From there, no more tricks nor disconnecting/disabling the adapter where needed. It just went smoothly and as i am writing, i am going trough almost 2 hours of updating and already 6 updates done.

      Cant wait to try my new looks and see the improvements!!! Good luck for all

      Note: Don’t know if it matters but this time i had the region in my phone settings changed to South Africa, witch is one of the regions where Nokia has updates available for the Windows Phone (see here ). I am from Mozambique by the way.

  7. Hey Bob …. Bosco here … My phone nokia lumia 610 is showing the update .. but Zune not showing … vot to do plzz help me to resolve it ….

  8. This worked for me! I disconnected at 4 seconds each time and for each update I only had to try once. It really is a case of getting your timing right 🙂
    thank you so much for this help!!

  9. wooh!!just had my 1st update, just having some hard time in my 2nd but hopefully it will be done tonight..thanks for this great post!!!

  10. i cant do the trick, it either says cant check for updates right now. please try again later. or your phone is up to date
    to do the disconnect thing im going into network and sharing center and then local area connection, is that right?

    1. also i was doing this for about half an hour and still no luck, i had a stopwatch and tried everything that was written here

  11. load of rubbish, i tried for the best part of 4 hours to update my HTC Mozart (on giff gaff network in the UK) and didnt get this to work. The timing method and network utilization tricks didnt work either, also tried to use seveneighter and that totally screwed my phone so i had to backup from zune and lose all my text messages. Its a real shame the carriers cant just push this update out if its available. Im very tempted to buy an android phone after this

  12. HEY PAL just …………. dnt try ths kind of NONSCENCE ………………… jst open up your june ………… uDATE the version ur gettin ……………. NOW AFTER UPDATING COMES THE ADDITIONAL UPDATE ,…………. and ths is wht u need ………………. now 2nd time update it ………………. and it comes to 7.8 ……………………………………… JST TRY IT

  13. Guys this really works and is the safest + easiest method of updating your phone. Thank you!

    * For further help see “anielsen on February 16, 2013 at 9:47 pm” trick

  14. Just got mine updated to 7.8 8862,
    unfortunately im disappointed with the update,
    it has a bug….. Cant share my internet..
    Now im looking forward to rollback my phone at 7.5

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