Nokia Drive on other Windows Phone 8 devices

There was some confusion around whether or not Nokia Drive would be included or available on all Windows Phone 8 devices, after a post at

What this said was:

Today, we are making Nokia Drive available to other Windows Phone 8 partners to offer a turn-by-turn navigation experience for people in over 110 countries.

I came across this at,2817,2411484,00.asp#disqus_thread. Assuming this really is a Nokia employee, this seems to clarify the situation nicely:

Hi everyone, this is Pino from Nokia. I would like to clarify a bit what Nokia is exactly providing for the Windows Phone 8 location-based experiences:

1. Nokia is delivering the backbone for all location experiences on all Windows Phone 8 devices. What does it mean? Apps by Nokia (e.g. Nokia Drive), by Microsoft (e.g. Bing Maps) or any 3rd party developer run with API created by Nokia and working on the Nokia Location Platform.
2. Offline maps is one of the features delivered by the Nokia Location Platform. This is why you find this option in the Settings of all Windows Phone 8 devices. Again, all location-based apps for Windows Phone 8 can make use of this feature.
3. Nokia is offering Nokia Drive, hence voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, to all Windows Phone 8 partners. Each manufacturer will decide whether and where it will be included. The app will be published anytime soon.

So, Windows Phone 8 uses Nokia Location Services, and any apps can use this feature. And they will also offer Nokia Drive to other OEMs, but they may or may not include this.

I might just wait to see if this shows up on any HTC devices…

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