Windows Phone 8 HD resolution screens & useable space

Update: I have owned (and returned) an HTC 8x. This has a wider 720p resolution, so you do at least get more tiles on the screen. However, because it is not the same ratio as the old 800 x 480, with games and some apps you get a black border at each side. These will remain until if and when the app gets an update. Here is an example from one of my favorite games on Windows Phone, SurvivalCraft:

With the new wave of Windows 8 phone devices just about to be launched, I was curious about the benefits of using an HD screen. In particular I wanted to be able to get more on the screen – not just to look better/sharper with more pixels, but to be able to see more lines in an email for instance.

However, it seems like my wish won’t come to fruition – as you can see in the below screenshots of a Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8 compared with my old HTC Mozart on Windows Phone 7.5.



As you can see, there is more space available – the interface has been scaled, but really looks just the same in terms of screen real estate.

I still expect videos, photos and text to look better, but personally I find the interface a bit cramped in some situations and would have welcomed some more space.

Source video, see 4:15.


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