Google chrome standalone offline installer

Chrome can be difficult to install on a machine which is not connected to the internet. You may ask why you would want a web browser installed a machine which cannot browse the web, but it is often required for browsing internal URLs, or testing a web server internally, for example.

The normal installer downloads a small installer, which then downloads the actual browser. This also fails through a proxy server. Luckily you can download the standalone installer using this link:

Copy software to Virtual machines (Hyper-V or Vmware) using IsoCreator

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to copy software onto a VM if you have access to the host or console, but no network connectivity, and the machine does not have access to the internet.


This excellent utility is small, fast and requires no reboot. Perfect for quickly creating an ISO with some software of files in a format accessible from your VMs.

ISO Creator (2)