Connecting to Office 365 using PowerShell

A brief set of instructions to connect to Office 365 online services using PowerShell, including Azure AD, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business Online.

Note: If you are behind a proxy server, you will need to follow this in order for this to work:

1. Install the 64-bit version of the Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant: Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant for IT Professionals RTW.
2. Install the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell with these steps:
○ Open an administrator-level PowerShell command prompt
○ Run the command:

Install-Module MSOnline

Get your credentials and connect:

$creds = Get-Credential
Connect-MsolService -Credential $creds

Note: If your account is 2FA enabled, just use the command: Connect-MsolService and then enter your credentials and 2FA authentication.

Test if you are connected:

Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName ""

If you also want to manage Skype Online:

Download and install the Skype for Business Online Connector module.

To connect to Skype Online:

Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector
$session = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $creds
Import-PSSession $session

Note: Nothing else is required for Exchange online now

See and for more information.

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